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Welcome to Everything Goes Furniture we have consignment, custom built, and custom order furniture to suit your needs.......We have new weekly consignment furniture pieces please check out our facebook or twitter page for the newest updates on the next shipment......Stop in or Call us today!

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We have loved working together over the past 25 years!! From working in mansions to small Cottages. Rob is a master wood worker. He has bent woods for curved stair cases to spirals. One stair case alone to Rob six months to complete. It took bending of wood an hour a day and had to let it dry. But, in the end, it was amazing!! Going on 15 years now we have made lots of Furniture for our store and custom orders. I have worked along side my husband, from running power tools to design and decorating. My main job has been in house running the business and servicing our customers. My favorite has been house calls and helping stage and make over rooms. To stand back and look at a beautifully decorated room is very rewarding for me!! If you would like to speak with us about a project you need help with, just give us a call or stop by the store before 3:00. Most house calls after 3:00


God Bless!!

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